Trevor Sorbie at Colour World UK

13328 Trevor Sorbie Master Logos 2015Last year, our very own Johanna Cree Brown and Nathan Walker worked independently at Colour World UK and loved it! So we decided to go big this year, and are taking our own space on Sunday 21 May. Through film, discussion and live demonstrations, Trevor and the Art Team will be share the philosophy of Trevor Sorbie with you, discussing our creative process’ and proving that often the journey can be as interesting as the destination.
Our mantra, set down my Trevor Sorbie himself is: “Ideas are all around us, all we have to do is look beyond the obvious” and this is what we hope to be able to inspire you all with.
Do pop in and see us on Sunday 21st May – you’ll find us just off The Street at Colour World UK. FIND OUT WHAT WE’LL BE UP TO BELOW:

10.30am: History of Colour at Trevor Sorbie with Trevor Sorbie & Nathan Walker
12.00pm: Trevor Sorbie film and Q&A with Trevor Sorbie
1.45pm: Wigs, Wefts and Easels with John Spanton & Lilly Clare (launch of Johns’s HairClubLive Collection)
2.30pm: Rapid Results taster with Nathan Walker & Zak Twohig
3.15pm: Colour Journeys with Nathan, Fanoulla, Zak and Lilly
3.45pm: Wigs, Wefts and Easels with Nathan and Fanoulla
4.15pm: History of Colour at Trevor Sorbie
4.45pm: Rapid Results taster
5.15pm: Trevor Sorbie film


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