HairClubLive at Colour World UK

invoice hcl logoWe were delighted to see the launch of Colour World UK 2016 in London this May. There’s no way we’d miss the opportunity to be on board and help create a brand new, vibrant event for our industry. At HairClubLive we’re all about inspiring and sharing – we’ve got more than 875 signed up members on line who post photographs, chat to each other and come along to our OpenChairNights. You can find us online
At Colour World UK we hosted the bar area and most excitingly, sponsored the making of a new film by Johanna Cree Brown and Roger Fry, titles ‘Wash bright colours separately’. It’s a passion of ours to help hairdressers find new and interesting outlets for creativity and this film, which premiered in the Colourama Cinema, was genius. You can find it online at our site
Our time at Colour World UK was brilliant, and we spotted plenty of our friends from HCL there, too.