Colour genius bar

At Colour World UK we’re all about getting you together with the best colour artists in UK hairdressing. You can line up at the Colour Genius bar and have a 5-minute free chat with the genius of your choice. Talk about whatever you like colour-wise, ask advice, glean tidbits of knowledge. Why not bring along your photographs and wefts to see what they make of them. But you only have 5 minutes… when the bell rings, you’ll have to move aside for the next person in the queue. The bar is open at regular intervals for 30 minutes a time… don’t miss it! So who’s on our bar?

Sunday May 22 Colour Genius guests include:
Carolyn Newman • Clayde Baumann • Tom Smith • Chris Williams • Ana McCormack • Lloyd Court • Nathan Walker • Desmond Murray • Lesley Jennison • Anne Veck • Madeleine Murphy • Zoe Irwin • Jack Howard • Karine Jackson • Hooker & Young • Johanna Cree Brown • Caroline Spencer

Monday May 23 Colour Genius guests include:
Charlotte Mensah • Sean Nolan • Suzanne Alphonse • Tai Walker • Carolyn Newman • Mark Creed • Ana McCormack • Zoe Irwin • Denis De Souza • Allah Baterip • Katie Allan • Chris Williams • Nathan Walker

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