Tickets 2018

The good news is that Colour World UK is now a fixture on the calendar. We are back on the Sunday 20th and Monday 21st MAY…  FIND THE VENUE BY CLICKING HERE

Sign up ASAP for early bird news on the 2018 event – it’s never too soon to guarantee a place!

23 thoughts on “Tickets 2018

  1. Hello londen, paypal is publishing personal things. We don’t like.Is it possible to pay on another way. We are coming from Holland to visite colourworlduk in may. Sunday 21 of may. My english is not perfect, you see and read….?!?!?. Help us please. We have a salon in Holland , By the name FÖHN , FÖHNZWOLLE on instagram. Like to visite the Creative World of colour in UK. Thanx


  2. Hi,
    As i’m travelling from quite far i would like to know if its worth doing both days and getting a hotel.
    will both days be completely different?


    1. Hi Luize,
      Thank you for your query. About 75% of the content will be the same on both days, but there will also be some new content each day.
      Perhaps you would like to wait until we publish the Sunday and Monday schedules before you buy tickets?
      If you have more queries, please feel free to email me on x


    1. Hi Tania, Thank you for buying tickets to Colour World UK.
      As you are buying from Italy, you will be able to collect your tickets on the door when you arrive at Colour World on Sunday 21st May.
      Thank you, Lilly x


    1. Hi Chloe,
      Thanks for your e-mail. We will be organising tickets closer to the time, but rest assured your name +2 will be on the guestlist at the door when you arrive.
      If you have any more questions, please contact me on See you in May!


  3. Hello,
    I come from france to visit your salon on sunday. I want to buy 2 tickets but I do not have a paypal account. Is it possible to pay by CB with an invoice for my hairdresser?
    Thanks for your information 🙂


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