SUNDAY 21 MAY 2017

We secured many great colourists to come and join the event in May. Our Colour SHair demo areas, the Listen&Learn room, the Colourama Cinema and Colour Genius bar gave plenty of opportunity to get to see, hear and meet great colourists. Our sponsored rooms offer fantastic chances to try out new products and learn more about innovations and initiatives in the world of colour. Browse these lists – click on each header to find details of what each means..

On Sunday 21st May 2017, we had one seriously action-packed schedule for you (hint: click each name to see details of what they were doing):

10.30am: Siobhan Jones
 colour director @ Headmasters
11am: Lloyd Court creative director @ Skyler London
11.30am: Robbie Handley social media expert @ Respect
12.00 midday: Chris Williams @ Rush
12.30pm: Carolyn Newman @ Colour and Education Consultancy
1pm: Symon May colour specialist @ The Chapel
1.30pm: Scott Smurthwaite salon owner @ Cream Hair & Beauty
2pm: Robbie Handley social media expert @ Respect
2.30pm: Claire Chell creative colour director @ Francesco Group
3pm: Siobhan Jones colour director @ Headmasters
3.30pm: Symon May colour specialist @ The Chapel
4pm: Scott Smurthwaite salon owner @ Cream Hair & Beauty,
4.30pm: Mario Charalambous @ Richard Ward
5pm: Darren Fowler  @ Fowler35

10.30am: Desmond Murray

11am: Trilogy – Carolyn Newman, Michelle Blake, Hellen Ward

11.30pm: Kieran Tudor @ Josh Wood
12.00 – midday: Zoe Irwin
12.30pm: Lidia Patrizia and Harriet Franks @ Blue Tit
1pm: Ben Madle @ Headhunters
1.30pm: Claire Chell  creative colour director @ Francesco Group
2pm: Desmond Murray
2.30pm: Kieran Tudor @ Josh Wood
3pm: Zoe Irwin,
3.30pm: Lidia Patrizia and Harriet FranksBlue Tit
4pm: Rae Palmer
@ We Love salons 
4.30 pm: Adam Bryant
director @ Ethos 

COLOUR SHAIR is pure educational theatre! With up to four colourists working at any one time – there was plenty to see! Each colourists had a 2-hour slot to show a full colour process from start to finish… There’s no backstage, nowhere to hide! Visitors could see colourists trading expertise, new techniques and know-how from start to finish; and feel free to get stuck in and ask questions as they work, too!

10am-12pm: Ben Madle @ Headhunters + Daniel Stanley @ Headmasters + Patrick Matthews @ Simon Webster + Annie Morelli & Harriet Stokes @ Not Another Salon
12-2pm: Siobhan Jones @ Headmasters for L’Oréal + Casey Coleman & Daniela Engstrom for Joico + Steven Smart for Revlon + James Atkinson for Redken
2-4pm: Sharon Peake & Adam Bryant @ Ethos for Matrix + Casey Coleman & Daniela Engstrom for Joico + Grace Dalgleish @ Brooks & Brooks for L’Oréal + Kelly Scott for Redken
4-6pm: James Atkinson + Lisa Whiteman @ Webster Whiteman + Danielle Lewis @ Headmasters



One thought on “SUNDAY 21 MAY 2017

  1. This was a brilliant day , love the venue .Thank you to everyone involved it was a truly inspirational day , it’s so nice to be in an environment that was buzzing with so much creative activity and that you could get so close to see the work being done. Great talks on how social media is the best way to promote your business via Facebook etc and by updating your work on Instagram. I really enjoyed the ‘Trilogy ‘ talk by Carolyn Newman, Michelle Blake and Hellen Ward , they all gave a talk on different aspects of the business which is so relevant in today’s world .I have been in the industry for 40 years and attend regular courses and seminars just to keep up with latest trends and this event was fantastic , It’s most definitely the one to attend next year,
    many thanks,
    Clare Annal


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